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I thought I'd set up a new category called 'Bargain Buy' for my top cheap great buys.  First off is Schwarzkopf Palette hair dye.
I went into my local Savers shop to buy a few bits and walking past the hair dyes reminded me I needed mine done. I have been experimenting with different colours of  late and so have been using semi-permanent's.  The bright red Schwarzkopf packet caught my eye and seeing that in the hair mask was my favourite oil at the moment,  Macadamia I went ahead and bought it at a not so pricey sum of £2.50.

This dye takes 30 minutes to develop, 30 minutes!! That's quite a long time, the permanent colour I normally use take 10 minutes. Oh well..
The dye on is bright Orange so I was a little worried at first.

So after waiting for what felt like forever I rinsed the dye off. You are meant to rinse till the water runs clear and so I rinsed and rinsed but that never happened. I hope my hair doesn't fall out during the night ;)

The results! At first I thought it was too red but after drying it I actually really love it! Makes a great change to the dark brown I have been sporting for a number of years. I tried to look online at Boots and Superdrug but seems only Amazon sell it for £3.56. So if you don't have a Savers near you then that is your best bet.

I definitely recommend  this product and would give it a 4.5/5   The 0.5 was for the mighty 30 minute long development time.  I will up date this review with how long it took to fade when, well once it has faded..

Please remember when home dying to patch test first and leave it on for 48 hours. Even you have used dye's or that particular dye before.

What do you think, yay or nay? :)

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