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18 Nov 2011

Carmine: Novembers Issue

Yay Carmine time! Since an amazing first box  I have been dying to see what's inside their second.

Fame and Good Fortune - They say that everyone in life will get their 15 minutes of fame, and well it looks like that very special time is finally here. This months box is famous. every product in the box is somehow linked to a Celebrity.

Lulu's Time Bomb - Flashback Night Cream (15ml) £30.75 for 45ml from Amazon
It's true  - you can turn back in time. At least, your skin can. This extremely powerful anti-ageing time machine does all the work to prevent ageing while you get a good night's rest. Snooze on!

This is Lulu's products, hadn't know she had a range out. Everyday is a school day ;)
 I am always happy to receive a night cream especially if it's going to make me look younger! It smell's like soap, you know the cheap kinda soap, but that's OK as it leaves my skin with a velvety touch. Noice! I will look forward to using this over the next few nights.

New Cid - i-Pout Lipstick (full size) Retails at £13.50
No, it's not an Apple product but a revolutionary and incredibly wearable lipstick,equipped with a built in mirror and light for the perfect application in absolutely any circumstance.

I have heard of New Cid and really wanted to try their products so I am very pleased to see this lippy in the box! Love the concept of having a light and mirror on the tube,  gutted it wasn't around in my clubbing days. Lush colour and smells and tastes good! Will be a staple for me this season.

Dainty Doll - Eyeliner pencil (full size) Retails at £10.50
From the makeup line of fashion icon and solo artist Nicola Roberts, this eyeliner pencil contains skin loving vitamins and is just oozing with colour.

I again was very pleased to see Dainty Doll in the box as I have wanted to try Nicola's products for a while. The colour is fab but I am sorely disappointed, there is no pigment in the pencil. Gutted. Update: This is actually a bit better after a few goes.

Neom Organics - Real Luxury Body Lotion (50ml) £23.50 for 240mls
The bath and body equivalent to fine chocolate and champagne, this organic product from an award winning brand is packed with the fragrances of Lavender,Jasmine and more.

This is a new brand to me and not sure what celebrity owns it. I like body lotions, I just can't be arsed to use them most of the time. I don't  like the smell of this one, too lavender'floral for me. Something my Gran would like. I tried a bit on my hand and it's lovely and moisturising just the scent is too over powering.

Cosmetics A La Carte - Brow Ink (full size) Retails at £22.00
Not to be confused with a felt tip  pen, this soft semi permanent ink will add the perfect definition to your brows by allowing you to draw in individual hairs.The best part is it doubles as a eye liner.

I must admit I wasn't too impressed when I saw it but totally changed my mind once I tested it. It's not too dark and you can be slightly heavy handed without looking like you have painted eyebrows! It would be definitely be great for a day look and as it's easy to use I would use it to slightly darken my brows when I don't have much time to get ready in the morning.

So overall I am super happy with the box, especially as there are NO perfume samples. I do hope that they include full size prices on the card at some point though.

Did everyone get the same? x

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  1. I'm still deciding whether to get this box or not. The NEOM body lotion was in one of the Amarya's boxes and I didn't like the smell much. Might wait till the Dec box x

  2. Yes it's not a pleasant smell. I am in love with the eyebrow liner and lipstick though! Definitely worth it for that.

    Have a look at this blog as I think there is a discount code for the box :)


  3. thanks for that - will check it out! x


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