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1 Dec 2011

Battle of the Beauty Boxes November

Well it's the end of the month and another battle of the beauty boxes is over...

This will probably be the last month I write these posts as I am so busy right now. These posts take up too much time and I would like to put out other reviews and randomness. I will post contents of the boxes when I receive them though, just not so detailed :)

Approx total value of each box..

Carmine: £61.15 (wow)
FeelUnique: £35.82
Glossy Box: £20
Boudoir Prive: £45.55

My must haves for the month..

My two favourite items this month are the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm and the A La Carte Eye brow pen. Staples for me now and will definitely repurchase. I have loved the lipsticks from BP and Carmine too and are perfect for now as they are more of a cold season product for me (not sure why?!)

But the box I have most enjoyed has to be...um...both Carmine and FeelUnique! Sorry couldn't decide! 

Looking forward to seeing what everyone will be pulling out the bag for December! Then maybe I should think about dropping one or two boxes. Nooo don't tell me I have too..

What was your favourite box this month? 

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  1. I totally agree with you, I loved Carmine and FU this month, I do sub to Glossybox but not BP and after seeing all the bad comments about this months facemask I'm glad I don't!

  2. as if GB was only worth £20 :| but i had a muni in mine :(

  3. It was! Not sure how much the perfume was so I hazard a guess at £4.50 and the other products came to £15.50, get your calculator out ;) What's a muni??

    BP's box was good Caroline, except the mask though...

  4. i have 5 on the go, after the xmas boxes i will choose my favourite 2 to keep and cancel the other 3. i will defo be keeping the feel unique one but im not sure which the other one will be, probably the boudoir privie one. 5 is way too many as lately more stuff is going on the swap site than im keeping.xx

  5. It's a tough decision as there is always two products I really love in each box!


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