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23 Dec 2011

Christmas Nails: MeMeMe & L.A Colours

Christmas nails!

These are so preeety! I used two coats of MeMeMe polish in 87 Defiant and one coat of this gorgeous green glitter polish by L.A.Colours that I picked up in a local shop for a £1. A pound I hear you say...yes a POUND!!

I will be back to this shop as they have a multitude of colours for...yes you got it...a POUND!

Merry Christmas Folks and those that don't celebrate it, Happy Holidays! xx

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  1. Is it Beauty Base at Westfield Stratford where you got your LA Colours polish? They have soooo many and they are absolutely amazing quality for a pound, I always get one when I'm there ^^ love the mani hun xx

  2. Thanks hon :) Yes I did get it from Beauty Base but from Ealing, they must have a few stores then! Will defo get some more colours xx

  3. I'm wearing green glitter nails for Xmas too. :)
    Happy holidays. Xx


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