ARK: Age Aware Skincare Review

Latest in Beauty were offering a sample set from ARK’s age maintain range which is aimed at those aged from the mid 30’s to 50’s and seeing as I am close (too close imo) to mid 30’s I thought I would give it a go plus a bargain at only £2.50 delivered!


I love the packing it came in, super sleek and the little pots will be great to re-use for travel. There were 4 samples with 2ml of each product, cleanser, exfoliator, masque and moisturiser.

This cleanser washes off oily grime and make-up with natural cleansing agent. Moringa oil while plumping up the skin and softening fine lines.
There is a light lemon smell to the product, it actually reminds me of the smell you sometimes get with citrus infused cleaning products. Not unpleasant just unfortunate it reminds me of my kitchen cleaner!  The product is a liquid gel consistency and is meant to lather,  but I did not see this. It was refreshing and my skin felt lovely and clean after use.



A concentrated exfoliator mask with Multifruit acids safely removes dead cells from the skins surface. promoting a smoother, younger looking appearance.
I couldn’t detect a smell and the product is a creamy thick consistency. The idea is to apply the exfoliator as a mask and leave for 5-10 minutes. It tightens on the skin which was slightly unpleasant. I am confused as to why this is called an exfoliator quite frankly, There are not beads to ‘exfoliate’ and it is basically like applying a mask.
This masque contains an anti-irritation formula of calming Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal extracts, vitamins and antioxidants.
The product is of dough like texture with a light smell. It wasn’t easy to spread over the face due to the consistency mind you. After applying it felt like the product literary disappeared into the skin (not a bad thing of course). This is a very gentle masque which left no redness but smooth and soft skin after rinsing. 


Anti-wrinkle moisturiser with Co-enzyme Q10 and antioxidant rich blue lotus extract, which smoothes out fine lines and revitalises the look of ageing and stressed skim.
This product smells faintly of grass to me, others may disagree of course! This is of medium consistency but feels light and very moisturising on the skin. I really like this product and wish I had a bit more so I could test it out for longer.


Overall I enjoyed trying out these products. I don’t think the exfoliator was up to standards but would definitely consider buying the moisturiser and cleanser full size. The masque  I am still in two minds about. 

Anyone else tried ARK?  



  1. Wendy Illman
    29th January 2012 / 11:18 pm

    2 questions Sam, was it in you box and would you buy it full size??? Being on the very wrong side of 30 am always interested in these things xxxx

  2. 29th January 2012 / 11:19 pm

    Great review! The exfoliator and mask sounds somewhat weird! Not tried these products though the moisturiser sounds quite nice x

  3. 30th January 2012 / 8:48 am

    @Wendy It wasn't in the YOU box, LIB were selling it for £2.50 inc delivery. Lovely products and I used the Masque again yesterday and I quite like it (need to update post) but for the price not sure I would buy full size yet only because it's expensive and there wasn't enough product to really test it out. They are still selling it but you may have to pay postage x

    @BB Yes the exfoliator was a bit odd haha!x

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