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24 Jan 2012

Blink + Go Mascara

This wasn't an item that I  received in my December's edition of Glossy Box which I was a bit gutted about and so seeing a few rave reviews on it I was dying to try it out! Luckily I managed to swap it on Beauty Box Swaps.

I  love the simple black packaging, the mascara tube is on the slightly heavier side though. It is also waterproof which I do prefer as I have a habit of rubbing my eyes. 

The effect of the mascara after one application is fantastic! 

Left with the mascara, right without

Unfortunately you can't build with this mascara and it transfers to the eyelid fairly easily. I found I needed to use a ear bud to get rid of excess which I haven't needed to do to with many mascaras before. I did try this a few times too just to make sure it wasn't a one off.  

Conclusions are that this mascara does do a brilliant job at lengthening the lashes and gives a great almost false lash effect but my major gripe is the transference, quite annoying really! Plus I like to build my mascara. Due to receiving the i-flutter from New Cid Cosmetics recently (see my review here) I may not be going for this one as much I had hoped..

Does anyone else have this mascara? What are your thoughts? 


  1. It amazing isn't it!! only trouble is it dries my eyes something rotten, combination of contact lenses and it being water proof. Boo!


  2. Oh that's a bugger! It's great but such a shame that it's not buildable!

  3. Great review, thanks for sharing :D xx



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