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16 Jan 2012

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Review

This was a product that was featured in December's Glossy Box, I wasn't lucky enough to receive it in mine but was dying to get my hands on it. Fortunately I managed to swap for it on Beauty Box Swaps

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven: Rich yet light weight this moisturiser facebase is enriched with shea butter vitamin E and beta-carotene to rejuvenate, nourish and hydrate skin. Active nutrients and extracts work to brighten smooth and even out skin tone to prime and create the perfect base for makeup application.   
I adore the gorgeous retro packaging, it definitely screams at me buy me buy me! I don't normally go for fragrant skin care but this has a beautiful candy lemon scent, seriously good enough to eat! The formula is of medium consistency and smooths onto the skin quite lovely and refreshing which I wasn't expecting. You can feel it cling to the skin and tighten in the same way as if you are applying a mask, which was slightly odd at first.
I used this product on it's own the first time. It moisturised and brightened the skin but I saw no evenness of skin tone and only patches of smoothness. 

My second time using it I wanted to try it as a primer. I used my Estee Lauder Foundation and Real Techniques brush. Sorry folks I am going against the hype this time, I'm not impressed, not impressed at all. My brush basically dragged across my face which made applying my foundation pretty difficult, I am sure it would be easier to apply when using your fingers or a sponge and my makeup did last quite some time but not as long as I would have hoped for the price.

This is the second MeMeMe product I have tried and I don't think myself and MeMeMe are going to be  friends at this point, it's just not for me which is a shame as I really really wanted to love this product after seeing such amazing reviews. I am glad I didn't jump in and buy a full size before trying it.

Anyone got on any better with this a product? 


  1. I always look forward to reading your blog and so I forward the Liebster blog award to you :)

    1. Oooh thank you Lucy :) I will get on to that tonight xx

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