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16 Feb 2012

The Big Skin Care Mystery

So the sample..

I guess most of you in the UK would have heard about The Big Skincare Mystery. It's a clever ploy I must say, a few people are claiming they know what brand is it. I hate not being in the know so please tell me! 
For those this is new too, there has been a huge campaign in which a Facebook page has been set up and you can request a sample to test. They are not indulging in which brand they are which makes it even more intriguing to find out. I think a few bloggers received bigger samples and I first saw this on Makeup Savvy's Blog.

I received a sachet of a wash and mask cleanser with 3ml of product in it.  As a wash you massage onto the face and rinse thoroughly and for best results use twice daily. I decided to use it as a mask. Apply to wet  face and leave for 3 minutes, rinse off thoroughly.  

The product has a lovely light smell, at first I thought Avocado but maybe that was because of the picture....
The product is of medium consistently and applied smoothly. There wasn't really and tightness after rinsing and only a slight drying of the skin which I expect really. I am full of cold so and this was lovely and refreshing which was needed I can tell ya!

I am trying to avoid products with SLS in at the moment and am not in the habit of checking the ingredients before buying/using. This was no exception and of course reading the list of ingredients it does contain SLS. Oh well.

My skin was oddly sticky after, not tacky, but putting my hand on my face it kinda stuck and pulled my skin when I moved my hand away.  Wasn't lasting but definitely unusual. 
I then applied my Origins Super Spot Remover on a couple of blemishes. Boy that stung like a bitch! I have applied Origins pretty much every day for 3/4 weeks and have never had such a reaction. Gawd knows what is in the wash/mask as and hour and half later it is still tingling. I can safely say I will be giving this product a wide berth once it's released! I am still dying to know who it is of course...

Who else has tried the mystery product?


  1. I tried this and it did feel a little tingly in places then when I washed it off I had a really dry scaley forehead!! Wasn't very impressed.

    1. Oh that's not good! My skin still feel's a little off..

  2. I have no idea on the brand either. I liked it more like a mask than face wash... Still not enough to buy.

    1. Definitely won't be buying it. Have found out the brand now and definitely wouldn't have tried it otherwise..

  3. Just Google the manufacturer and you'll get the brand x


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