Grammy Picks

 I definitely shed a tear while watching Jennifer Hudson perform I will always love you.. She looks gorge here as always! 

Julianne Hough is my best dress of the night! Classy with a touch of edge. 

Oh my how beautiful does Adele look?! I have always thought she was stunning but even more so with this  makeup and new hair do! So pleased for her 6 Grammy's!

 Sexy and much more sophisticated than we have seen her of late. Wish I could get away with a dress as low cut as hers!  Love the blonde locks.

Wasn't too keen on the dress but blue hair? Yes please!

I still remember 20 years on making up a dance routine with friends to I wanna dance with somebody when I was about 12 years old. You will be forever missed. Rest in peace Whitney Houston x

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  1. having dark features, I thought I couldn't get away with dyeing my hair blonde.... Rihanna gives me hope, but then again, it is Rihanna!


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