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29 Feb 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj

Um sorry got a bit picture happy...

So many cherries have been popped recently and MAC I have to say was my favourite!

If you don't know, MAC bring out Viva Glam once a year (I think) with a celebrity and donate all the sales to the AIDS Foundation, which of course is an awesome thing to do.  This year we see Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin. The latter bringing out a lip conditioner. As I am aware they go on general sale March 1st. 

I saw a few swatches online and was quite liking the striking colour so when a friend had a code to buy this early with free delivery how could I not pass it up?! Plus it's all for charidy mate..

This is a yellow toned pink in satin formula which I am to be believed one of MAC's dryer formulas. It is quite a coraly pink in the bullet but oh so different on the lips! Very bright and 'barbie' esq. When I first tried it yesterday I applied straight from the bullet (with no makeup on I might add) and eek I wasn't too sure if I liked it! It is indeed slightly drying so today I used a touch of my Sleek Pout Polish underneath which helped a lot and I guess just any old balm would do the job. I also used a lip brush to apply so the colour wasn't as intense. I am impressed with the wear, it lasted a good few hours before I needed to apply, and this was after eating and excessive tea drinking (blinking toddler and his recent no sleep routine).   

It's been a roller coaster of emotions since I received it, did I look daft? Was it too bright? Hmm I think I like it but could I get away with it? Did I care if I couldn't? Should I just wear it anyway and sod what the locals thought? 

Well I have decided and I bloody love it!!

So who will be racing to buy this lovely once released?


  1. colour looks lovely on u! wish i cold get away with a colour like that!

  2. Thanks hon :) I think it may look better in the pictures tho xx

  3. oh I wasn't going to... but I feel like getting this shade myself

    1. Treat yourself, tis for charity after all ;) x

  4. It looks gorgeous on you, you deffo suit it :) I want it now! x

  5. Love the colour! Will have to get it :) xx


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