My (very long) Quest for Perfect Beachy Curls

Bumble and Bumble 


Umberto Giannini


Ok perfect and beachy don’t really go together but I’m sure you know what I mean. I have tried numerous things so get a decent wave in my fine, flyaway hair. Pinning it, scrunching in leave in conditioner as I had heard that was what Jen Aniston was doing at the time and who knows what else, but I have never found the perfect product/technique.   
The first I heard about salt sprays was last year when I was recommended Umberto Giannini, but before buying it I did a bit of research as I normally like to do and a few good reviews came up for Bumble and Bumble’s salt spray….then I looked at the price, £20 for a spray of salt! I think not…
So I forgot about the Bumble and Bumble and bought the Umberto and have had good results, it has also been a repeat purchase. .. till the other week that is while reading Hannanh May’s blog who raved about it. Hmmm did I need to try this??!
I must have booked marked a link to Windle and Moodie for the spray as all of a sudden it was there starring at  me. Weird as I hadn’t noticed it was there before (I save links to so many pages and forget I have them till I need to clear them out!) so I click and there was 25% off! The gods were telling me to buy and buy I did! Postage was only £1.50 which was a decent price as I do hate it when companies over charge for postage!
 With the Bumble and Bumble I sprayed quite a bit on damp hair and left to dry as I don’t have a diffuser and prefer to use hairdriers as less as possible. The results after were not very pleasing and I would’ve had the same result had I just left it to dry naturally. From the instructions you can spray on either damp or dry hair so I sprayed some more and achieved a much better result. In fact I loved it!  My hair still felt light and had a great wave.
I used the same method as above with the Umberto. I found a better wave than the B&B when first left to dry. When sprayed on dry hair it left my hair looking like it had product in and slightly ‘crispy’ unlike the B&B, the wave was still pretty good though. 
The main problem with leaving my hair to dry naturally is that I don’t get much volume, pretty not existent really and I need volume! I may need to bight the bullet and buy a diffuser. They both last pretty well and by the end of the day my hair is a big fluffy mess which I don’t mind too much to be honest.  Out of the two I would go with Umberto. It’s much cheaper and the result is great, I just couldn’t justify the cost of Bumble and Bumble when in my opinion there isn’t much difference. The results of course may vary with different hair types. I will still carry on my quest as it’s not ‘perfect’ just yet….
Has anyone else tried either of these? 









  1. 8th February 2012 / 6:13 pm

    I use a Charles Worthington salt spray when I want this kind of waves, works great! Would never spend £20 on a product like that though, it's just crazy. If it was a conditionning product or a treatment, fair enough, but not on a styling product!

  2. 11th February 2012 / 6:05 pm

    I used to like the Label.m one but they changed it recently and I don't find it has the same effect and makes my hair look limp and lacking in volume. I might try the UG one!

    • 14th February 2012 / 11:18 pm

      Not sure I have heard of Label m. Defo give UG a try x

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