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24 Feb 2012

Nails:'Matte' Emerald City

I'm not too sure how I feel about matte polishes. At first I hated the look but after trying this I think I like..well this colour anyway. I received this polish from a Facebook page called Beauty Box Swaps where everyone swaps makeup they no longer want, I have mentioned this page before and it's a great concept. We had a mass Secret Valentine swap with around 40 of us and this was one of the items in my gorgeous box! I am still dying to know who it was!!

This polish has a very liquidly formula. You don't want too much on your brush as it would just seep everywhere. Dried fairly quickly and it's the first time I haven't used my beloved Seche Vite as I thought it would change the Matte effect. To me it doesn't seem completely matte as there is still quite a shine/shimmer as you can see in the picture (maybe this is why I like it?) Anyway I think I am intrigued to try more...


  1. I love this look! I know I already said something on your fasion blog, but I just started my blog and I would love some feedback or a follow! Your very talented!


    1. Thanks hon :) I replied to your other comment and followed x


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