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4 Feb 2012

Nails: OPI - Honk If You Love OPI

I bought this beaut from Em's Mix Bag Blog Sale, please check out her fab blog!

As you may have noticed I adore OPI and this polish fits nicely into to my growing collection. When I first applied it (at night) I thought I'd gone and bought another colour I already had 5 of (from different brands) but in daylight it has a gorgeous Gothic purple tone to it which differs from the dark red tone polishes I seem to gravitate towards. I absolutely love it! Purple is definitely a newish favourite colour of mine so expect to see more...



  1. I love Opi but too dark for me prefer bright colours. Have you seen the magnetic colours that are now out. Very tempted to try them.

    1. I love dark colours in the winter! Yeah I have seen them and they do look good but I think I would use them once and then be bored of them, same with shatter polishes x


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