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5 Feb 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Review

I noticed that my nails have been behaving themselves recently. Growing super well, no breaks etc and looking great. To be honest I couldn't work out why. I racked my brains for something new I was doing but couldn't figure it out. There was no different nail strengthener, same  polishes I usually use, seriously it was driving me potty as it had to be something! I went to take my polish off and remembered I bought a different polish remover but that couldn't have anything to do with it, could it?

I normally buy the cheapest remover I can find in Boots or Tesco but the last occasion I needed some and I was in Boots but they only had Sally Hansen, it was a buy one get one half price so I got I went with that. 
Looking at it properly I realise this remover is a strengthener. I do believe this is the product that has transformed my nails from easily breakable to super strong! I honestly wouldn't have thought it possible with a remover but clearly it has. So glad I found it by chance, I will honestly never buy the cheapest remover I can find ever again..

Does anyone else use this? 


  1. I also made the move to a quality nail polish remover. I have used Sally's but I recently jumped to zoya's brand of polish remover. It's $10 US for a bottle which I would have said was an Insane price for polish remover---except it works without destroying my nails. I do my nails on a weekly basis so I also needed something that would help instead of hurt.

    1. $10 eeek! But if it works then it's worth it! I do my nails once/twice a week too and it never really occurred to me that I should buy a decent remover, just figured they all do the same thing. Clearly I was wrong haha!

  2. I use the Cutex Strengthening remover and my nails feel quite strong with no peeling. I used to always go for the super cheap own brand ones but found my nails were suffering.


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