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3 Mar 2012

Carmine: February's Edition

White Glo - Toothpaste ( 24g) £4.07 for 100ml

Is it sad that I was excited about toothpaste?! I could do with a bit of teeth whitening and tried it out today. Not too minty overpowering which is great as I hate when they are so strong. I don't have high hopes for a dramatic change but am impressed with Carmine for trying something different.
Andrea Fulerton - Nail Varnish (full size 5.5ml) £4.99

On first look I thought yay a lovely peach colour but on a closer inspection it has a iridescent undertone so not sure I will like it. Still will use it tomorrow and if I don't like it will try and swap for another colour.   
 Steamcream - Steam Infused Cream (full size) £10.50

So steam infused cream containing nourishing oils, sounds interesting and you can use it from head to toe. A bit overpowering with lavender but soon disappears once applied. Moisturising and love the cute limited edition tin! Need more!  
Diego Dalla Palma - Lipstick (teeny tiny) £14 for full size

Cute sample! Never heard of this brand and have just discovered Tesco Direct sell them, ooh too easy. Not sure if this is my colour so may try and swap it. The sample although great seems too fragile, I fear if I press too hard it will snap! A lip brush may be in order...

Balance Me - Body Wash (100ml) £12.25 for 260ml

Oh yay another body wash! I'll add that to the other 50 thousand I have. Jokes aside I am sure this is great but may add it to my 'gift' pile.                        
Yardley - Peony Perfume (1ml)

This is a little bonus from Carmine, quite a fresh flowery smell. Mine was half full and not sure if that was normal?

So sorry for the skeewiff post. No matter what I did I couldn't change it grrr! All round a gorgeous box! No complaints here apart from waiting ages. 

What are your thoughts? 


  1. I really loved the Carmine box this month! Not to keen on the lavender scent, but the tins are so cute!

    Lola ..x


    1. Agree the Lavender is not overly pleasant but the tins are cute! Would like to collect a few but I know they would only end up as clutter x

  2. I loved the nail polish (I got a beautiful turquoise colour) and the Steamcream! Really happy with this month's box :)

    Rach x


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