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30 Mar 2012

Outfit Wish List #9

1. MaxMara Pink Jeans
2. Miss Selfridge Jersey 
3. YSL Arty Ring
4. Zara Wedges

This is a nice casual outfit added by a touch of glam with those wedges. I saw these jeans the other day, love them! Shame they are so pricey. I have seen a few versions of the YSL Arty ring but this is the best so far! May have to find a copy somewhere.

Anything on your wish list this week?


  1. I'm a huuuge fan of taking a simple outfit and accessorizing. This would be super cute to wear out. <3

    I tagged you in a survey meme, I hope you don't mind!

  2. Thanks lovely I will check it out :) x


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