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10 Mar 2012

Glossy Box: The Harrods Edition

Burberry - Lipstick in Rosewood (mini) £23 for fullsize
Eeep! A Burberry lippy! Such a gorgeous colour, not sure it's really a colour I would wear to be honest. I have to say though that for some reason as soon as I applied it, my first thought was Rimmel Heather Shimmer (showing my age now) I think it was the smell more than anything...sorry don't mean to diss Burberry haha! I will give this another go when I have makeup on and will have to be a bit careful as I think this sample is a bit fragile. 

YSL - Forever Young Youth Liberator (5ml) £60 for 30ml
This product I am most excited about! Something to reduce wrinkles, add radiance and plump my skin, err yes please! Will let you know how I get on.

Molton Brown - Bath &Shower  (50ml) £18 for 300ml
Agh another shower gel! OK it's Molton Brown but I have decided to stop using products with SLS in it which this does so I may have to pass it on, sucks as it smells divine!

Clarins - Extra Firming Cream (30ml) £35.55 for 200ml
Again more Clarins, not to sound ungrateful but as lovely as Clarins is I am a bit over it. Two creams two months ago and now a body cream. I think I actually have this full size untouched. I am sure it's lovely but with all the other products featured this month it would have been nice to try something else. 

Narciso Rodriguez - Perfume (1ml) £71 for 100ml
This scent is insanely beautiful! Smells similar but can't work out why. My beef, and it's a big one is the size of the sample. 1ml is not much BUT if all the perfumes featured in this months box (there are 3/4 I think) were 1ml then it wouldn't be a problem but the others are mini bottles! Um when are Glossy Box going to realise that people will be and quite rightly pissed off with a teeny tiny sample when there are mini bottles floating about.    

I am impressed with the contents, a fabulous collaboration with Harrods but in reality I will probably only use 2 products. Well I will use the Clarins but I won't feel like I am using something new or exciting and will use it just to use it. I do think I will have to take advantage of the 20% off Harrods that we were thankfully given on the perfume (god I love it!). So yeah over all I am in two minds, I should be super happy as I was when I first opened the box but now I feel a bit meh. I have another box coming and hoping for the Ojon, also bought one for my mum for mothers day so really hope she loves hers!

Update! I just got my other box and it had the Ojon! Also the Fendi perfume which is AMAZING. I is a happy lady!

Did you get this? What were your thoughts? 


  1. postingan yang bagus dan menarik

  2. This looks like an amazing box - what a treat!

    1. Certainly is! Can't wait to try the YSL!

  3. You got some really lovely products. I got all the dud ones I think!


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