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3 Mar 2012

Latest In Beauty: Red Carpet Collection Box

For those who are unsure of what Latest in Beauty are about, please read on otherwise obviously skip to the good bits. They bring out a certain amount of boxes a year, I think every 2 months or so. You can see what's in them before you buy which is brilliant and they are normally £5 inc delivery. Over the last few months we have seen some 'special' boxes like this which have had a limited amount available and were more expensive.  The last was in collaboration with YOU magazine and priced at £9, this  box was a whopping £15! Yep much more expensive but AMAZING goodies!

Richard Ward - Hair Energiser  Spray (50ml) £17.50 for 150ml

I have Richard Ward's root booster  which is bloody brilliant! So I am super looking forward to trying this out 
Dr Bragi - Treatment Mask (1 Mask) £10 for 3

This looks interesting, I assume it's of mask shape with you stick on your face. It targets redness. dehydration, loss of firmness and signs of premature ageing. Ticks all my boxes! 
 Youngblood - Mineral Primer (5ml) £39 for 30ml

This is a new brand to me, the primer feels lovely and velvety. Will be giving this a go tomorrow, hopefully I don't like it too much as it's a but pricey! 

 QMS - Hand Care (40ml) £20 for 75ml

This is one expensive hand cream! Not too keen on the packaging, looks very medical, if that makes sense?! Love the smell, just an normal kind of cream smell but also reminds me of my Nan. Sinks in and leave no residue, will be making this last..
 Mont Bleu - Crystal Nail File (mini) £9.50 for full size 

I have a glass nail file and trying this one out I realise how crapola my one is haha!  Might be because it cost £1.50. These files are crystallized with Swarovski elements and do a bloody good job at filing your nails with out ruining them or so I have heard..
 Smooch - Lipstick (full size) £7.50  

I absolutely love the packaging! Cute and sexy. This is Rocking Red and looks like a gorgeous red lippy but really I don't need any more reds! I have a friend who I think would love this so I might save it for her although she probably has too many reds too..

Essential Care - Eyeliner (full size) £12.50

The pencil is quite soft which and I can imagine a pleasure to use. I only swatched on my hand and I know this will replace my one and only khol pencil that drags when I use it, so well I don't really use it.

Smashbox - Mascara (full size) £20

This product was the one I was most excited about! I have never tried Smashbox and cannot wait to try this out. The brush is HUGE, I won't use it yet as I will use my other mascaras first but I will report back! 

So overall what a fabulous box! You'd definitely be red carpet ready with this lot. Really excited to try everything out, I nearly cancelled but so glad I didn't as it's sold out now. Also for some reason there was a free Clarins product in my basket when I checked out, whoop a Brucie Bonus!

Did anyone else get this?


  1. This box looks fantastic. It is a little bit more pricey than other boxes, but the fact that you get a lot more full sized products definitely makes it worth it. Thanks for sharing :D


    1. Totally worth it and so glad I got it! Was thinking I don't need any of it but then I will always need mascara and that is worth more than what I paid!
      No probs, I like to share ;) x

  2. What an awesome box, that red looks pretty! I just discovered smashbox recently myself, just did a post aboout their lip stains tonight. Would love to hear what the mascara's like :) x

    1. Ah was just reading your post haha! The lip stain looks awesome! Will do an update of the mascara once I use it :) x

  3. I got this box too. No free Clarins though :(

    Really liking the Smashbox mascara, the wand is actually a bit scary but it goes on really well!

    Lola ..x


    1. The wand is massive haha! Will use it in a few months. I really don't know how there was Clarins in my basket! x

  4. Great review! I didn't get this one as I didn't need red lippy, mascara or eyeliner. Great value box though x

    1. I probably didn't need it either! Glad I got it though. Thanks :)
      You on Hello Cotton yet?

  5. What a fantastic box!! The primer looks very interesting... I'd love to try it. Xx


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