Nails: 17 Orange Soda & Orly VIP

Oh hello pretty outside pictures! I somehow managed to get this 17 polish for free. Had voucher for a under eye concealer with a 17 purchase so I picked up this and when I got to the till they were both free, I’m not one to knock a freebie!
I was expecting this colour to be a creamy pastel orange but in reality it’s more tangerine and almost neon! Oh well it looks good anyway. It was a bit streaky and took 3 coats to be opaque. Painted last night and a chip has occurred already, boo hiss. I painted one nail (I believe it’s called an accent nail) in another recent polish purchase in the form of Orly VIP. So preeeety! It’s a rose gold glitter polish and two coats to add a bit of sparkle. 
Good combo? 


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