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15 Mar 2012

Sleek Blush By 3 - Pink Spirit

Pinktini    Pink Ice    Pink Parfait

I had only been using cream blushes for quite a few years now and admittedly just the one in the form of Maybelline mouse - stuck in a rut you might say. But since receiving TheBalm's Frat Boy in a beauty box I have realised powder blushes aren't that scary and will not make my dry cheeks worse and so I have opened my arms to array of colours and brands. The newest addition is my first Sleek Blush, Blush By 3 in Pink Spirit....Oh hello pretty palette, come to mama!

Blush by 3 is a a limited edition palette with erm 3 blushes. Walking into Superdrug I could not bypass the Sleek stand with the array of pink palettes. I obviously need to fuel my hot pink obsession so I went for this palette for Pink Ice!

Pink Parfait is the least pigmented but gives you a lovely natural flushed glow. Pinktini and Pink Ice are super pigmented and you do have to be careful with how much you apply, less is more! The two latter colours I may not really use that much...as beautiful as they are I prefer a more natural blush with emphasising my eye or lip colour. Although I may just try my stippling brush as that might do a better job at applying less.

Available in Superdrug for £9.99

Have you tried Sleek blushes? 


  1. those colors are crazy bright! wish we had sleek in the states, i'd love to try this xx
    my blog: boho vanity

    1. Aw that's a shame. Do you have any similar brands? x

  2. I really want to try this! xx

  3. I might pop to Superdrug and get another one! x


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