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14 Apr 2012

Bargain Buy: Aldi Foundation

I have tried a few Aldi products and have always thought that are pretty good for the price but I am more than surprised by this product I have to say! I first saw this on Terri Lowes Blog and thought for £2.99 I need to give it a whirl.

I will start off with the negative which is the smell - so so floral! Ugh really not my taste but it does disappear fairly soon after applying so a small negative.  

If you follow my blog then you will know I have pretty bad skin and am always looking out for the perfect coverage. There aren't unfortunately many shades, 3 in my store but there could be more throughout the other stores. I got the shade 10 transparent (the lightest) - at first I thought it might be too dark but after buffing in it was quite a good match. I found it quite buildable as I applied more to my problem zones which worked well. As you can see from the photo's this is a pretty good coverage and I am very impressed. 

It left quite a dewy finish and I found powder was definitely a necessity but lasted a good 5/6 hours. I did use a primer which would have helped too.

I used more of this that I normally would with some foundations but at the price it really doesn't matter. If you can get past the smell then this is a really great cheap foundation especially for those on a budget. 

Would love to know if you have tried this x


  1. This looks nice! Not sure if the smell would put me off though!
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    1. Yeah it's not the most pleasant smell!

  2. Love your blog:)Maybe we can follow each other?


  3. I had no idea Aldi did cosmetics! Will definately have to take a closer look next time I am in there! xx



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