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21 Apr 2012

Outfit Wish List #11

1. Bag from Memoir
2. Dress 'Flora' from Jarlo

Eeek that bag is amazing AMAZING! I first discovered Jarlo last year from lusting after their dress 'Peaches' which finally made it's way into my wardrobe a few months ago. This dress is from their new collection I so so love it. Perfect cuteness of a dress - I think it would look ace paired with that lovely faux fur stole! My birthday wishlist is growing by the day! I am in need of a new pair of glads for summer and really like the look of these in brown. Always go for black but a change is as good as a rest..

Anything on your wish list this week? x

p.s I know this is a day late and even forgot last week - eep sorry! 
p.p.s not entirely sure what is going on with the photos - everything posted the last 2 weeks seems to be out of focus - I cry :(


  1. Love this outfit!

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