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22 Apr 2012

Nails: Models Own Grace Green

I received my first ever Models Own polish from a lovely swapper over at Beauty Box Swaps. 

Just adore this colour! It's a creamy grey/green - just gorgeous!  The formula is great too, one swipe and it was opaque - threw on two for good measure though. I haven't posted a nail post in ageees, my Seche Vite was so gloopy and I still kept using it and ruining my manicure - don't ask why I kept using it! Anyway got meself some more so all is back on track. 

May have to treat myself to a few more Models Own polishes now! Recommend me a fabulous colour please x


  1. i do the same thing with gloopy top coats! my nails just feel wrong without one...

    1. Yep can't not put a top coat on! I have 3 now so sorted for a while... x


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