Aprils Empties

OK so I thought I would jump on the empties bandwagon! I take great pleasure out of reaching the end of a product, when I get near the end of something I am just dying to finish it so I can open a fresh new one! If I drank coffee I would compare it to popping the gold foil of a new coffee granule pot with a teaspoon.
I have been trying to use up all the odds and ends of things as I am feeling a bit cluttered with products. I am not using them up quickly enough though agh.
1. Bristows Dry Shampoo – £1
I bought this from pound stretcher. I normally buy my dry shampoo there as although it’s a different brand each time I find them to be no less up to the job as Batiste which is double the price. I would never wear my hair down unless freshly washed (can’t bear it) so this does the job and I can put my hair up with it still looking clean. Repurchase? I always stock up on a few when I go so still have a few cans.
2. Morrisons Shaving Foam – £1.29
I have bought this a few times as it does the same job as many other slightly more expensive shaving foams. It is a little drying on the skin but if you are a regular applier of lotions, creams and oils after showering then this is great to use. Repurchase? Already have.
This was a free sample from I think their facebook page. Love the smell of this product and find it to leave my hair amazingly soft. It’s a treatment and conditioner in one and you leave it on your hair for a minute or two. I would probably leave it on longer though. Repurchase? Once I go through my other conditioners I think I might!
I received this sample in a Latest in Beauty Box. The first time I used it I thought meh just a regular face cleanser and put it aside. I watched one of Vivianna’s videos who mentioned that she had uber sensitive skin and used this which helped immensely so I thought I should give it another shot. Glad I did as it has helped my skin a fair bit. Looks more radiant and I have had less rash type flair ups. Repurchase? Already have.
5. !QMS Medi Cosmetics – £20
This was another product from Latest in Beauty. I did enjoy using this hand cream but I find I prefer other brands. I reviewed it hereRepurchase? Not at the price
6. Macadamia Shampoo – £9.95
I bought a sample of this to try as I love the oil. The consistency is very runny, wasn’t quite expecting that. It’s a good shampoo but I didn’t notice anything drastic. Repurchase? No
7. L’Oreal Conditioner from Hair Dye
Wasn’t too sure whether to include this but seeing as I find it a good product I thought I might as well. I find this conditioner from hair dyes to be one of the best. Leaves your hair silky smooth and there is enough product for 2 or 3 uses. Repurchase? I generally prefer L’Oreal dyes so most probably.
8. Protect and Perfect Beauty Serum – £21
This was a sample from a gift at christmas. Have used it for a few months on just my forehead and eyes but not really seen any difference. It is a small sample so can’t expect miracles. Repurchase? I have a few other samples to get through first but this will be on my ‘buy again list’
I think this was in one of the first Boudoir Prive boxes. It definitely worked well with lengthening your lashes but I didn’t use it long enough to know if it really worked well in conditioning and help growth. Repurchase? Would like to but unlikely
10. Blink & Go Mascara – £14.99
This was a Glossy Box product for which I swapped for. I loved this at first as it was great for lengthening the lashes but I found it to go quite gloopy quickly and I could never apply without it transferring all over my eyelid. Review hereRepurchase? No
11. New Cid Mascara – £18.50
I won this mascara from a Carmine Facebook competition. This is one of the best mascara’s I have ever used. It is buildable and definitely gives you the fluttery look!  Repurchase? Once I get through the many I have at the moment it’s top of my hit list!
12. Lierac Creme Mesolift – £30.60
This is another beauty box item. It smells of sherbet orange which is just delicious! I enjoyed using it, hydrating and my skin took to it well. I’m just not sure it did anything else it claims to. Repurchase? Probably not
13. Colbert MD Eye Cream – £90
So another beauty box item! This was from I think the first Boudoir Prive box and I managed to swap for another 2 samples. This is my second sample and I am onto to my last (sad times). I have loved using this cream, it has helped with the dark circles and puffiness and the skin under my eyes are so much less dehydrated. Repurchase? If I could afford to I would but at an eye watering (pun intended) £90 is sadly just too much.
This was just a free magazine sample. I found it felt lovely on the skin, smooth and almost velvety. A little more radiant but as it was a tiny sample I can’t really form an opinion. Repurchase? I have just bought the Advance Night Repair and Perfectionist serum so so I probably don’t need this!


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