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7 May 2012

Benefit Series: Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Review

With my mega Benefit order I received a sample of their foundation in Champagne, you can't tell in the photo but that shade is a bit too dark for me. Their foundation claims to be flawless and brightening and there are 9 shades to choose from. 

This is a light to medium coverage foundation and it's not too bad for my skin but I still needed some concealer on my problem areas. It's quite liquidly, more than most foundations I have used but a little bit goes a long way and it blends in well leaving a dewy finish. I didn't find it lasted all that well on my skin to be honest, 4ish hours.

I do love the packaging though, simple, chic and in a handy pump bottle but unfortunately I just didn't like this foundation. Can't pin point it but it just wasn't right for my skin and I didn't find it flawless, possibly someone with great skin might get on better. For £24.50 I kind of expected a bit more of something, not sure what though but I am glad I didn't fork out the money for a full size bottle. I have seen a few great reviews and a few bad reviews so this might be like Marmite haha!

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? 


  1. Nice! I have yet to try this foundation, but now your review has got me thinking - I'll have to look at some more reviews before I go out and buy!

    1. If you can get a sample I would do that, you might get on better with it than me :) x

  2. I might try and get a sample was playing with the idea of buying it but your right £24plus is a lot for a foundation be good to see if it works on my skin first lol :)
    Good pics

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I try and get samples of foundations now as I have had too many mistakes! Jemma Kidd to be the most recent one x

  3. I tried this foundation and I absolutely loved it! My skin actually glows (not like Edward's but it comes pretty close)! My skin is naturally dry and this foundation not only hides it but actually balances it out and improves it too! I am a fan!



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