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13 May 2012

Max Factor False Lash Effect

I won this mascara in a Twitter competition, can't quite remember who from though! I think I have actually used it before, a very long time ago but I have no recollection on how I felt about it at that time. Luckily I do this time as I think it's blinking (hehe) awesome! 

One coat and my lashes looked long and full. It's also buildable but I wouldn't use more than 3 coats otherwise you'll get the clumpy spidery look. I honestly love this and am so glad I have fallen in love with a high street brand (good on the purse and all that). I also ALWAYS use mascara on my bottom lashes but totally feel I can get away without it and find it looks so much better. I do find I am not the best at applying mascara there anyway so bonus! 

Have you tried this? 


  1. i've heard that this is like the UK version of the covergirl lashblast - will need to pluck up the courage to fork out £10 over it soon!

    1. I didn't actually look at the price and didn't realise it was £11! I found it on Amazon for £8 but maybe have a look at seller first :)

  2. Never tried this but I want to!

  3. this is what I'm using now and my ultimate favorite mascara ever! :)


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