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20 May 2012

Nails: Nails Inc Porchester Square

This again was a swap. I have been recently embracing nudes (as well as the pinks) and this is so gorgeous! In some lights I see a grey nude but in others I see Lilac undertones. Either way I lurvve it. 

I found this particular formula quite thick and I think I applied too much as it smudged seconds after taking this photo...damn! So I didn't have it on for long, smudged  nail varnish is not the best look...

What's your favourite nude?


  1. I have a Nails Inc shade that is pretty much identical to this called 'caramel'. I got it free with 2 bottles of diet coke aggggges ago. It's one of my favourtie shades though. I also like Topshop's 'nice n neutral', another great nude xx

    1. Ah maybe they have put it out again! Love TS polishes, will try and pick that up next time I am there x

  2. So pretty! I absolutely love that color!


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