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30 May 2012

Max Factor Diva Violet

I'm back baby! No real internet for five days! I think I may have been twitching by the time I arrived home. Had a lovely time and thankfully the weather was amazing! So what has been going on, did I miss anything?

I wore this the other week but it's so pretty I couldn't not post it. A beautiful almost pastel purple. I love minis but I find Max Factor brushes to be slightly too small so application is a bit shoddy and need three coats. 

Fingers crossed the sun is here to stay! x


  1. So pretty! I've recently been loving purple polishes again and this one looks nice!

  2. this color is so pretty- i love the hint of shimmer to it

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  3. Love the color! I can never keep my nails intact for more than 5 days :)

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