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6 May 2012

W7 Honolulu Bronzer Review

So on a whim I purchased the W7 bronzer even though I am happy with my MAC. Well for £2.25 I thought I needed to try it as I had heard only good things.

It is presented in a similar style box to the box blushers and bronzer from Benefit. The lid comes off completely where as with Benefit they are attached. The brush is so so soft! So much softer than the Benefit brushes. I'll stop with the Benefit comparisons now..

Soft and smooth powder with great pigmentation. I find it to be quite long lasting and great for contouring. I'm not sold on the box packaging really, I find it awkward to use. I need to be able to use big sweeping motions haha!

Overall a fantastic bronzer and I cannot choose between this or my MAC to use. If you are looking for a bronzer for contouring get this baby in your life!

I've just realised it doesn't look like it's blended in well enough - Need more practise I think haha!


  1. Looks good! I've been wanting to try W7 products for a while now. Can you get them from Superdrug? xx

    1. I don't think you can get them from Superdrug. I got mine from Half price perfumes but I have heard you can get them from New Look x

  2. Looks great! Definitely looks like a nice dupe for Benefit!!

  3. i dont like how w7 copy other brands packaging, the blushes and bronzers look like benefit, snd the nail polish bottles are a rip off of opi! xx

    1. I've seen the polishes but not tried them. MeMeMe copy the box powders too x


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