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22 Jun 2012

Disco Pant Dupe? Don't Mind If I do..

Top: Miss Selfridge  |  Trousers: Very  |  Shoes: Next  |  Earrings: Possibly Matalan  

I have been admiring the ever-so-popular American Apparel Disco Pants for awhile now and see person after person giving in and buying them. But at the extortionate price of £70 I couldn't justify it, even when ASOS have 20% off...  

Then someone on Twitter (sorry to whoever it was as I can't remember) tweeted about these baby's from Very for a bargainous price of £35! Would be rude not to right?!

Now as I have been admiring them from afar I am not entirely sure how they compare but judging by pictures I believe these do a very good impersonation, probably not as shiny but that isn't a problem for me. They are quite um tight and not ideal if you want to actually eat so I decided to go up a size, perfect and there is definitely room for dessert ;)

I am a bit bored of wearing jeans when we are in the colder months so these make a great addition to my wardrobe! Hmm now do I get the blue version too?  

Disclaimer - I wouldn't normally post a picture of my ahem bottom! But I thought you might like to see the similarities from behind!


  1. Great bargain, Doll. I feel a little sick when I think how much A.A's disco pants are!
    They look gorgeous.
    Love, Pins. X

  2. Great find!! I tried the AA on and these look very similar... I just wish they'd suit me. :(
    I'll pass your email to Oasap and you should receive an invite in th e next few days - letme know how you get on. :) xx

    1. Oh boo :(
      Thanks for the invite - have just ordered a bag woo hoo! x

  3. The pants look great! They're so close to looking exactly like the American Apparel ones!

    1. Thanks lovely, always great to get a bargain! x


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