How to Dress in Unpredictable Weather!

British summertime weather, what a fashion nightmare eh?! My friend tweeted me the other day to ask me some tips on what to wear in this unpredictable climate. The weather really is chopping and changing so much it’s really hard to decide on what to wear and take out with you so I thought I’d share a few of my tips.
I am one of those ‘just in case’ people, my bag is full of things I might not really use or need but you just never know! 
1. First things first. If you are going out for the day or even just work a big bag is essential. You want something with a comfy strap and one you can preferably wear on your shoulder. You’ll need the room to hide your regular bag essentials and the next few items.
2. Seems a little ironic writing this today as it’s scorching but a summer scarf is essential item number 2! My brother and his girlfriend (no doubt her choosing) bought me a gorgeous Oliver Bonas scarf for my birthday. It’s thin and lightweight and will roll up into a small ball and hide away in your bag until the weather decides to take a turn for the worst. I hate my neck being cold, legs and arms no problem so this is definitely something I need! 
3. We have had a lot of rain lately so an umbrella is a must! Doesn’t have to be expensive and the smaller the better, I usually get mine from Primark and they do tend to last a while.
4. Another essential is a lightweight jacket. Generally even with rain in the summer it’s not that cold – unless you are in Scotland maybe so a cropped, blazer or maybe a linen jacket is all you need. You will want it lightweight as if that sun decides to pop it’s head out you’ll need to be holding that pesky jacket – and it will become pesky but of course if it turns cold you’ll be patting yourself on the back for remembering it!
5. Not an essential but if you are worried it’s going to rain you need to choose your footwear carefully. Gladiators, ballet pumps, sandals, flip flops etc are just going to let you end up with wet feet! Choose brogues, closed wedges, low ankle boots and if like me you hate hot feet and have room in your Mary Poppins Bag, carry a pair of flip flops in hope that that sun will come out! 
6. Hmm now what to actually wear?! Maxi dresses + rain = wet dress = wet you which in my book is not cool man. Midi dresses and skirts will keep you warmish and also cool if it gets hot. If you are a jeans/trouser wearer then wear them cropped or turned up. You can always turn them down if your ankles feel the frost. If you fancy wearing a shorter skirt/dress but concerned about a chill at night time, carry a thin pair of 3/4 length leggings or footless or regular tights – this is something I use to do a lot pre-child on my day to night outings! 
So that’s about it folks! I have put together three outfits below to get an idea of what I mean. Hope you like them!

1. Tan Shopper  |  2. Moccasins  |  3.  Dress  |  4. Denim Jacket   |  5. Scarf
1. Tee  |  2. Floral Blazer   |  3. Scarf  |  4. Bag  |  5. Skirt  |  6. Shoes
1. Lace Top  |  2. Faux Leather Jacket  |  3. Pink Jeans  |  4. Scull Scarf   |  5. Yellow Shopper   |  6. Boots

Hope this was helpful! Let me know your thoughts thanks! x



  1. 28th June 2012 / 9:58 pm

    I was actually considering writing a post like this today, but now I needn't bother! You've hit all the nails on the head haha. Awesome.

  2. 29th June 2012 / 5:18 pm

    love the tan shopper – it doesn't look too huge, but roomy enough!!

    • 2nd July 2012 / 9:01 pm

      Lovely bag! AS long as it's a big pocket it'll fit all sorts 😀 x

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