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13 Jun 2012

I Moustache You A Question..

Top: Primark   |   Skirt: New Look   |  Necklace: Birthday Gift  |  Sunnies: Topshop  |  Shoes: Stylist Pick

Ah so lovely for the sun to be out today! How long do we reckon it will last or was that it for the month?! 

I was going to take the pictures outside but I had the camera set up ready for new items I will be adding to Honey Go-Lightly so it was just easier for me to take them inside, plus I have finally found thee place I can take them indoors with the best setting. Only taken me six months haha!

I love a good comedy moustache (I may show you a couple of pictures one day) and when I saw this in Primark I just couldn't not get it! This maxi from New Look is perfect for what I have been after for ages, love it!

Hope you all had a lovely day and you can still enter my giveaway (on the right) x


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