MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick Swatch

25 Jul 2012

I just can't resist a limited edition MAC lipstick can I?? The first time I saw it I wasn't too keen but then I kept seeing it pop up on other blogs and it just looked so preeeeety! Of course it had all sold out online by the time I decided I wanted it so I thought I'd traipse off to Selfridges with my fingers crossed. 

This is my first Lustre formula, I find it moisturising but not too long lasting. Cut a Caper is a mid tone peachy pink and is sheerer than I thought it would be but you can layer it up a bit for a stronger colour. I guess Lustre formulas are meant to be sheer? 

Well I love it and shall be wearing it tonight at the Jolie Box/L'Occitane event.  

I do like the look of Fire Sign and Pleasure Seeker but I seriously do not need any more lipsticks...

Anyone else had a sneaky purchase? 

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  1. Looks lovely on you! My lustre lippies are sheer too. Have fun at the event :)

  2. Looks really pretty on you x

  3. I am seeing this one on lots of blogs, will defiantly have to try it :o)

    1. That's the reason I had to get it! x

  4. That shade is gorgeous on you.
    Pins. X


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