MeMeMe Blush in Coral & Rouge Review & Swatches

2 Jul 2012

I had a little MeMeMe splurge a few weeks ago despite not actually liking the products I have tried from them so far haha! Beauty blogger obsessions eh..

Amongst other products I picked up two blushes, Coral and Rouge and I actually really like them! The Coral is a lot more pigmented and darker than the Rouge, judging by the names I would have thought it the other way round, clear case of don't judge a book by it's cover or erm blush by name.

Unfortunately the first picture did not pick up the colours too well and they look pretty similar but I can assure you the Coral has more of an orange tone and the Rouge is darker and more red. The powder is finely milled and soft and like I say the Coral is quite pigmented and a light hand is needed.

They last a few good hours and I still find boxed blushes annoying but when they are good quality you can bypass it..just! These are £8.50 and have definitely restored my faith in MeMeMe, sometimes you need to preserve :D

I have the foundation and bronzer posts to put up soon so stay tuned.

What do you reckon on MeMeMe?


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  1. They remind me of the benefit blushes! For half of the price

    1. They have quite a few products that are similar to Benefit! x

  2. I love how well you've placed the rouge, it looks like a really nice subtle contour x

    1. Erm don't tell anyone but that was an accident haha x

  3. I love these, the boxed packaging is so cute!! Rouge looks lovely on :)



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