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4 Jul 2012

Poppy King for No7 Lipstick in Glamour

As I was walking into Boots the other week someone gave me their No7 £5 off voucher  - would have be rude not to use it! I was going to get some of their hot cloth cleanser to try but was drawn to the Poppy King lipstick stand...of course!

The only shade that stood out to me was Glamour - a gorgeous dusky pink colour. It seems to have applied more pigmented on my hand than on my lips. I found it more sheer and needed to apply a few layers to get some colour. It is moisturising but I prefer a lipstick to have more depth to the colour so I am a little unsure whether I will use it. Hmmm it is pretty but I think it blends in with my skin tone a bit too much. 

Ah I might add it to the blog sale, decisions decisions!

Anyone else have this shade? 

Sam xx


  1. I almost bought this yesterday, but decided against it: even for £7 (using the £5 voucher) I didn't think the colour pay-off was good enough, and is it just me, or are they a little on the weeny side?

  2. Seemed alright on my hand! Oh well..
    Yes it's quite small, forgot to mention that. I was going to check the weight with my other lippys. Got a bit too excited with the voucher :D

  3. It does look pretty on hand swatch, but it isn´t really showing up on your lips.

  4. I like it! I have some of the Poppy King glosses and they are lovely. When are the no7 vouchers on until? x

  5. I like this colour actually, subtle & pretty! Now where did I put that no7 voucher?!

    1. It is pretty but just blends in with my skin tone too much :( x


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