The Best Roast Chicken Ever?

I was in dyer need of comfort food the other week as I was feeling a little poorly <cue lots of mini violins> and nothing beats a good roast chicken!

I have discovered a better way of roasting a chicken, well in my opinion anyway. I took the technique from Australia’s Chef Maggie Beer. Her way is to cook the chicken on a high temp for a shorter amount of time and then rest it breast side down for approximately 40 minutes. Doing this makes the breast meat moist as the juices run down and soak the meat. I haven’t gone back to the traditional method since. I will say though that if like me, you like the skin extra crispy then take it off before resting.
I like to stuff the Chicken with a whole lemon that has been pierced a few times. I also mix butter, crushed garlic, dried herbs ( I use Thyme) and seasoning together and then spread under the breast skin.
A fabulous accompaniment is roasted carrots with sauted pistachios and goats cheese. Oh yeah baby that shit is good!  
Quarter carrots and boil for 3 minutes
Coat in oil and dried thyme, transfer to roasting dish, roast for 30 minutes 
When they are nearly done saute pistachios (not in shells obviously) in a knob of butter for a few minutes
Mix carrots, pistachios and as much chopped goats cheese as desired 
I also love a bit of bread sauce with a roast chicken, just the packet stuff as I am too lazy to try and make it myself. The roast potatoes have to be extra crunchy, I boil for longer that you should and add a bit of saffron for an extra flavour. Drain, place back in the pan with a lid over the top to ‘steam’ them for a few minutes then give them a big bash about the saucepan. I tend to use duck or goose fat which has been in the oven in the roasting pan for as long as the potatoes have been boiling. Once in the roasting pan chuck on some seasoning and and dried herbs (I use Majoram and Oregano) This I believe makes the tastiest roast pots ever! 
Add some homemade gravy and lots of veg and it’s the ultimate comfort food!

Sam xx



  1. 24th July 2012 / 7:49 pm

    Oh this looks gorgeous! My tummy is rumbling!

  2. 24th July 2012 / 8:47 pm

    I can feel my mouth watering already! that looks amazing.
    Pins. X

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