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26 Aug 2012

Butter Chicken & Indian Spice Kits

If you read my blog you may notice I'm a bit of a foodie, I love nothing better than being in the kitchen rustling up a master piece (ahem) but when it comes to cooking Indian I hit a wall. I have followed many recipes to end up with a nice dish but nothing outstanding or something that could be passed off as a Indian curry! 

My husband came home with this little packet of spice the other week. I have never tried Butter Chicken before, mainly because the name just never appealed to me. I read the ingredients and realised it probably wouldn't be anything like Korma (shudder). 
The Best Curry In Surrey who sell these little bags of joy also provide you with a list of extra ingredients you'll need to buy and step by step instructions of how to make the curry and each kit is for 4 people. It did come with a separate pocket of chili powder to use if you'd like it extra spicy. I misplaced it but wouldn't have used it unfortunately as I was cooking for a toddler and a spice wimp husband ;)   

Spicy goodness and instructions

All chopped and in the pan with the spice

All lovely and cooked

It was very easy to make and I have to say absolutely fricking delicious!! Something I would expect from a takeaway. I had to stop myself eating it cold the next day so we'd have enough for another dinner. Yes I eat cold curry the next day, embrace it people as it's bloody good!

You can buy the spice kits here for a very reasonable £1.95 + postage and contain no added salt, additives or preservatives. They also cater for weddings, parties etc.


  1. It does look delicious!! Juicy and yummy. I like my chicken with rice too. :) x

  2. Looks so nice! I have half chips half rice ;)

    Don't think I could eat cold curry though!!

    1. Chips?? Nooooooo!
      Try it cold - SERIOUSLY!

  3. That looks delicious :) I tried a similar type of kit for a Thai curry recently and that was great x

    1. Oooh love Thai curry! Normally buy the pastes from Thai or Chinese shops xx


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