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8 Aug 2012

ELF Mango Madness

I ended up making two orders with elf due to their 50% off deal recently and this was in the second order, you can see the first on YouTube here. I have owned a few of their polishes before but haven't been too impressed, they seemed to take too long to dry so I'd smudge them and they chipped easily. I know that they had a new formula out a while ago in the US and when I saw some of the colours had 'new' next to them I figured it was this new formula so decided to pop a couple in my basket to try out. They have gone up in price, from £1.50 to £2.50 but still not really breaking the bank is it? 

I used to buy a smoothie pretty much every day called Mango Madness, how I miss that smoothie! Crussh why are you no where near me?? OK back to the matter at hand! (pun intended) This is a gorgeous coral colour, took 3 coats but dried very quickly. I took it off after a few days but I had no chipping! This new formula rocks! Should have got some more..

Anyone else tried the new formula?


  1. Mango madness looks great. I haven´t tried the one with new formula.

    1. It's a lovely colour and the new formula is great! x

  2. What a gorgeous shade!! I haven't tried an ELF polish yet.




  3. This is a gorgeous colour :)

    Laura xoxo

  4. This is a lovely coral shade :) xo

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