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21 Aug 2012

Shavata Tweezers for QVC

Shavata, a brow and lash expert who has been in the industry for 20 years has created a collection of summer inspired Tweezers that will keep your brows 'beach ready' in-between appointments and is exclusively for QVC. The tweezers are designed in a variety of beach-inspired colours and painted motifs. 

I have the kiwi cocktail design*, I love it, so quirky and unusual and adds a bit of fun and colour to my makeup brush holder where I store it. I do like the look of the sunglasses design too, if you have seen my sunglasses post you know I have a bit of addiction to them! 

They are designed wider for a better grip and are made so you can remove bulk hair quite accurately. I don't pluck my brows too often as I am trying to grow them a bit thicker (not working, help!) and I wouldn't really need to do this but I find they are great at grabbing the hair and plucking easily with minimal pain. I compared them to my last pair that I've had for an age and how on earth I have even managed to pluck any hairs with that is beyond me haha!

If you are looking for something to brighten up your makeup bag then this is your man. You can view the collection on QVC and are priced £9.95 onwards. Read more on Shavata and find her brow studio location's here. 

*PR Sample


  1. So cute! I need a new pair, myself... These look high definition and very reasonable price. Xx

  2. These are SO cute! Coincidentally I just bought a pair of tweezerman petites from BBS this very minute :) x


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