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12 Sep 2012

Flavr Box

Flavr Box is a little different to the usual subscription boxes I have been ordering as this one is full of scrummy food! Have to say this excited me a little more.... 

I came across them from Danielle's Blog and with a half price code I thought it would be a nice little treat for all of us rather than just me haha! It is normally £20 a month or you can buy a longer subscription with a little discount and you'll receive a fabulous box each month. Sarah from Sarah Bakes described it as a food festival in a box and it certainly is that! They give you a little welcome letter and a 'meet the makers' leaflet with details of the producers who have provided the goods. 

Right the contents! 
Bonny Mallows Marshmallow dipper and Marshmellow Pop
Gustosecco Elderflower Rice Pudding and Spanish Garden Paella
Eat 17 Chili Bacon Jam
The Relish In Spice Co Wasabi Mustard
Peter's Yard Swedish Cripbreads

I have made the Paella and it's incredibly yummy and stupidily easy to make. You basically throw the ingredients in a pan with water and let it cook, highly recommend if you are short on time to cook or don't enjoy cooking etc. I added white wine in place of some of the water, chorizo and prawns but would be fine on it's own and definitely enough for 3 portions. Have yet to make the rice pudding, it's for 6 people so will wait for guests to come over.

The marshmallow sticks look delicious, I will be (trying) to share this with the toddler but I know he will want  them all to himself! 

I am Looking forward to trying the mustard, I'm thinking of putting a dollop in mash potato but will try and think of something a bit more exciting!

The Chili Bacon Jam smells amazing! I will be making burgers tomorrow and will use this, expect a post soon.

I don't want to be without these crispbreads EVER! Even the husband has been scouring the internet looking for someone that sells them without the £5 delivery charge....yes really! But as I have just found out they are stocked in a few health stores etc and you can find the list here. Phew as I was already getting withdrawals!

Hopefully it still works but HALFPRICE2012 should get you 50% off your first box. Find them here and I think you definitely need to try them out!

Will you be trying Flavr Box?


  1. That is sooooo cool! marshmallow pop mmmm x

  2. I'm such a foodie, I HAVE to try this! xx

  3. A really lovely idea & perhaps a great gift for someone. Sadly I can't take part due to my food allergies but I will admire via your post/review :)

  4. Ah booo to allergies :(
    Definitely a great gift though! x

  5. This box looks amazing! Think I will have to get one x

  6. ooh looks yummy! i love reading your blog.

  7. Glad you like the crispbread. Your readers might want to know that they are stocked in lots of places across the UK - you can find the list here:

  8. Want, want, want! Think if the code works I may try a box! xo

  9. I have this box too - its very good! The only thing I don't like is the mustard as I don't like wasabi.... It's very strong!!!
    The bacon jam is my favourite. :) xx

    1. Made burgers tonight and used the mustard and bacon jam but I don't think I used enough of each! I do like a bit of wasabi tho :) x

  10. Ooh.. just signed up for a box - thanks for the code! :)

  11. The crispbreads are so yummy aren't they! Wish I still had some left!



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