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29 Sep 2012

Revlon Plum Night

Another poundland bargain me lovelies! It's a gorgeous deep plum shade, the brush is on the thin side so not the easiest to apply but dries well and last's a few days with no chipping.

Hail all poundland's! 

Anyone been grabbing some poundland bargains lately? 


  1. I love colours like these that look black but really aren't. Ive been finding these Revlon polishes at the dollar store in my town.

    :) Chelsey
    My Beauty Full Adventure

    1. What great bargains! Love these colours for fall :) x

  2. That is definitely THE color for fall! It's gorgeous :D

  3. That is SUCH a gorgeous color! Great find!


  4. Wow I must say that you chose such an elegant colour really...It looks so gorgeous on the nails...I always love Revlon products for just this awesome reason of having a very wide colour and shades variation....I still have not this colour so I am rushing to get one for myself...thanks a lot!!!!

  5. I picked this up in Poundland too - I love it. Its a great colour for winter. Lovely and dark.

  6. Gorgeous colour, perfect for autumn :-)

  7. Gosh I love it! Wouldn't have thought of going into Poundland - good idea :)

  8. This sounds nice. I've been looking for a good product to set make up, Now I buy Revlon Plum Night, It is fantastic !!!


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