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23 Oct 2012

GlamGlow Exfoliating Mud Mask Review


GlamGlow has been doing the rounds in the beauty world as a holy grail product lately. I have not heard a bad word said so far. I was lucky enough to receive a sample when I attended the #Livebloggers event the other month.

GlamGlow* is a clay exfoliating mask that claims to leave your skin noticeably radiant and glowing . It contains French Sea Clay, Volcanic Rock and Green Tea Leaf Pieces. They say to apply 5ml worth but I managed two applications with a bit left over as I didn't want to apply too much in case it irritated my skin. I would say you don't need to use as much as they suggest anyway. 

It's fairly easy to apply and the first minute I experienced some tingling, it wasn't too strong but I did panic for a second and thought about taking it off but by then the tingling stopped. It dried fairly quickly and tightened the skin while leaving you with a feeling of all the impurities being sucked out (this is what I love about clay mask's). I left it on for the recommended 15 minutes and used a damp flannel to lightly take off the mask in circular motions while taking advantage of the exfoliating particles. I have to say I did notice a difference once off, my skin felt smooth and looked glowy. I had read it was meant to leave you with a three day glow but that wasn't the case for me and I can't seem to find anywhere on their site that mentions it either. The second application was a little different. Once I took the mask off my skin flared up a little. This could have been to exfoliating too harshly but I think in reality this is probably a bit too strong for my sensitive skin. 

Most of the ingredients are of the natural kind and they state to be 99% Paraben free and they also contain Phenoxyethanol, which is banned in Japan and I am still reading up on the downsides to this - you can find this ingredient in a few natural products in the place of Parabens. 

Overall I did enjoy using the mask but do I think it's worth the price? Hmm jury is out on that one but I do think it does what it say's on the tin. You can buy it from their site or Beauty Bay have a huge discount on it at the moment!

Have you tried or are interested in trying this?


  1. I need to get on and try mine out x

  2. I love this mask, its one of the best I have ever used but yes I dont know why they put parabens AND Phenoxyethanol in it, and then claim its "natural". As far as I know though, Phenoxyethanol is not banned in Europe, just Japan. Increasingly brands that are "natural" and "paraben free" are shoving this in instead. Sigh....

    I still love this mask, I am not someone who only uses natural products and I only use this once every 2 weeks so its okay for me. I actually bought the 15 ml version from Space NK the other day!

    Great review, thanks lovely


    1. Oh is it only Japan. Yes no need for both to be in it! I did like but my sodding skin is a bit unpredictable!

      Thanks lovely :) x

  3. Oh this sounds interesting but wow it's expensive

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