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19 Oct 2012

Jolie Box: October 2012 Edition

So for a change my Jolie Box turned up on time. Lately I have been waiting a week or more! 

This month's theme is Pure and Natural. My kinda theme! When I attended the L'Occitane event I was asked about what brands/products I would like to see in the box, I said I would love to see a all natural box so here it is yay!

First off is a full size Ritessens Cleansing milk. I've not heard of the French brand before which is a win for me as I love trying new brands! This is 98.7% natural and contains Argan Oil which I am a big fan of so can't wait to try this out. I couldn't really find much info online as to where to buy apart from Pharmacies in France so have no idea how much it is or even if you can buy it from the UK.

Secondly is the Moa Green Balm which is a 100% natural healing balm. This has been featured in boxes before and a great balm. Last time I gave it to my Dad as he has Rosacea and it helped quite a bit so I think I'll pass him this too. 50ml is £10.

Also we received a lip balm by Jason. I use their shampoo and conditioner which is great. The lip balm smells like After Eights and is very moisturising. I love it! It retails at £1.99.  

I am not a huge herbal tea drinker (need the caffine!) but every now and then it's nice to have a warm cuppa in the evening so these tea's from Lov Organic will do nicely. They are packed with antioxidants and zinc and smell amazing! 

And last but definitely least we see our old friends Balance Me. I am by no way happy to see this brand yet again! Seriously how do they make any money if all they do is give away products for boxes and magazines! I wouldn't mind so much if I actually liked the products but alas I think they are a leeetle bit crap. This time we have the balancing face moisturiser.  

So this month is definitely much better than the past two, apart from the you know who I am quite pleased with the products!

Do you get Jolie Box, what did you think?


  1. I'm really pleased with the box, I must be the only person in the world who is happy to see Balance Me products hehe! xx

  2. I can understand your point about balance me... I'm getting fed up of seeing them everywhere too.
    The cleansing millk sounds great, tho! xx

    1. It's getting silly! Can't wait to try the cleanser x

  3. I love my box but I was a bit disappointed to see yet more Balance Me! x

    1. I know gah! The rest make up for it tho x

  4. Ditto about balance Me! Love everything else though :) x


  5. I actually just unsubscribed from Jolie Box and now kind of regret it after seeing this month! The Jason lip balm sounds lovely, need to try a few of their products x


  6. I've unsubscribed and to be honest am quite glad I did as this box doesn't excite me x

  7. Bit hit and miss I thought, I got BB sachets would rather have had the cream! http://www.gingerbeautyblog.co.uk/jolie-box-review-october-2012/


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