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21 Oct 2012

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 110 Review & Swatch

So after purchasing 107 - see review here - I regretted not picking up 110 so made a stop to Superdrug the other day to nab that! 

110 (still hate that there are no names!) is a beautiful red with a slight orange tone - oh yes my favourite kinda of tone! As a matte, again this isn't too drying (but a little more than 107) and glides on while still moisturising a touch. The colour is gorgeous and fit's nicely in my little red/orange lipstick stash haha (I can never have too many). This colour sticks around for awhile but I found the stain it leaves is a little patchy so I would re-apply more often. 

Have you picked up anything from this range yet?


  1. Love this colour - love the orange tones in it - I looked at this in Boots the other day and walked away. Think I'll be walking back there now! x

  2. This shade really suits you. I picked up 107. More of a deep plum red! xo

  3. Ooh this looks gorgeous on you Sam :) x

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  5. Fabulous colour on you! Defin orange tones in it but I want it so bad, can't wait for my shopping trip on Wednesday :D Thanks for the post, great pix :D

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