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31 Oct 2012

Matis Paris Lip Balm Review

Upon sight this lip balm looks pretty plain and and well erm you're right ha. But it smells lovely and so moisturising! I have found it to be a holy grail product to use underneath matte lipsticks. It leaves no stickiness or lip balm residue and makes applying a matte lipstick a doodle. Goes on smooth and does not show up any dry areas. 

The main culprit was my Illamasqua lipsticks and I couldn't use them till this little miracle, so thanks Matis! Unfortunately they don't have it on their website yet but told me they are working on it. 

Have you heard of Matis? 


  1. I've been forcing myself to put this away till I get through my other balms! Heard good things though x

  2. Used to go to Matis beauty salons when I was living in France, always found their products to be quite nice!

  3. Wow I think I need this in my life now that the months are getting colder as this is playing havoc on my lips :(


  4. I won this on a twitter competition, really enjoying using it x

  5. You can purchese Matis lip balm at Mother Earth Beauty Salon in London - SE19 3AH


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