Fudge Root Juice Review

I am blessed with flat-as-a-pancake fine hair, thanks Dad!  So my life long mission is to inject a bit of ‘oomf’ into my lifeless barnet. I have tried many products with only finding a few gems. Step in Fudge Root Juice* – oh what a fabulous name! The lovely peeps at Hairtrade.com kindly sent me this huge canister of hope. I’ve spoke about them before, you can find heaps of lovely beauty, hair care and hair extensions on their site. 
Now when I say huge I mean it, I was expecting something a bit smaller and lighter but that is not a problem of course. Under the orange lid you’ll find a thin pointy nozzle, this provides more precision when directing the product to where you need it. You part your hair when wet and spray into the parting. A light hand is all that is needed as it does squirt out quite a bit of product. I rubbed it in to distribute it through a bit more. 
The first time I used this I used way too much and my hair felt like I’d sat under one of those gunge machines you’d see on kids TV programs haha! I needed to give this a good brush through but was fine once dried. I’ve used this a few times since and I find my roots are lifted and the product clings to the hair (in a good way) to thicken and give some texture. It’s a medium hold that lasted all day really. 
This is a great product that just gives you a good amount of root lift without being too crazy, you just need to make sure you don’t spray too much and brush it through a bit. You also get a lot of product for your money  and I can see it lasting a while – you can find it here.

Anyone else on a constant search for the perfect root lift?

*PR Sample



  1. 21st November 2012 / 1:09 am

    Hmmm…interesting. I think I wanna try this one out. I used to have that not so good kind of hair when it comes to styling so I guess this is what I need.

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