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16 Nov 2012

Glossy Box: November 2012 Edition

So looks like Glossy Box are stepping up their game at last! I was a little disappointed to see Dr Jart again since we had one of the other variations of their BB Cream in last month! This time it's the water fuse version. I don't think this would be not enough coverage for me but I will give it a shot.

The mini of Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate is a neon pink and looks like a amazing colour! Not so much for the cold wintery days so I'll stash this away till the sun comes out again. 

Another familiar brand is Dermalogica. It's the Daily Microfoliant which is a rice based  powder that activates with water and acts as an exfoliant. I actually already have this but am yet to use it! Mainly because I am worried it's too harsh for my skin. I also wouldn't exfoliate daily as I think that is too much.

A new brand to me is Alison Claire Natural Beauty. We have the Mango Body Butter. I am all for natural/organic products so this is definitely my cup of tea! It smells lovely too. 

Lastly we have WEI Beauty White Lotus Hydrating Face Treatment Pad. Basically a sheet mask by the sounds of it. It claims to instantly hydrate and revitalize lifeless skin. They heard my thoughts didn't they...
These are available from Space NK for £55 for 6 pads!

So overall I think this is an excellent box. I am however not too happy with pretty much a repeat of a brands product and as much as I love Nails Inc, they are generally everywhere anyway so it's nothing too new. Oh and yeah, if you go onto Dr Jarts facebook page I think they are still giving away samples of their BB creams for free... 

Do you still sub to Glossy Box? What variation did you get? 


  1. This is the box i am getting.....at some point! I came home to a red card today :(

  2. Glad to see that they're finally pulling their fingers out of their .. haha

    I got a similar box, although I got an Ayuuri face cream and mini Burberry Body perfume. Was pretty impressed with it.

    Loving the body butter so far, smells gorgeous!

    You should try the microexfoliant, it's not too abrasive. And you could probably mix it so it was quite watery and not too pastey!

    Lola x

    1. Haha! I already have the Burberry perfume so glad I didn't that. I will definitely try it thanks! x


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