Nails Inc Motcomb Street

I  just love dark nails in winter, there is just something about the deep dark shades at the end of my  fingertips that brings a smile to my face (sad but true). Might stem from the fact that in the past I worked in hospitality and nail varnish was a big no no! So on my days off come winter or shine I would rebel and make sure I wore the darkest in my collection – even if it meant having to take it off on the tube ride to my shift the next day…
Motcomb Street  is a dark deep blue, opaque in two coats and applied well. This is now a firm favourite in my nail polish collection. You can’t go wrong with Nails Inc really, they are such a reliable brand.  
This is a freebie from Glamour which is still out so I suggest you got GET IT NOW! Plus they have three other shades to choose from.
Have you already picked up a shade? 


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