Remember Remember, The First Of Movember

I am going to let you all into a little secret…
….I love to sport a fake tache occasionally! 
The child in me finds nothing funnier than a furry faux tache (yes I quite clearly need to get out more). But they do bring a few giggles and chuckles when they appear, go on, admit you find them funny too. 
So this time of year you may notice a few more hairier men than usual. This is because (if you didn’t already know) November is awareness month for mens health (mainly prostate and testicular cancer) and men all over the world attempt at growing a moustache on November the first. A great cause! 
Here’s a few pictures of me rocking a moustache. Think of me as you will…
Why did no one tell me my tache was lopsided? 
So although I can’t grow a moustache at this time of the year (or ever I might add) I just want to let you boys  know that I am with you in spirit and in comedy moustaches! 

This years effort..

And just for giggles..

You can donate through Movember and Son’s


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  1. 19th November 2012 / 4:34 pm

    Loving the fake tache photos, put a smile on my face

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