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21 Dec 2012

Black Magic

Now the colder weather is here I am more drawn (ahem) to dramatic black liner or a flick over the eyes rather than the soft brown smudgy look I have been sporting during summer. I realised I have quite a few to choose from so I thought I would give you the low down.

black eyeliners

In the pile up I have three gel liners - Avon in a pencil form and two in a pot from Topshop and Maybelline. A liquid liner from elf and two kohl's from Inika* and Essential Care.

eyeliner comparison

The two kohl's are the weakest when it come's to pigmentation. Great if you want a softer line or they can be built up for a stronger definition. I find the Inika more creamier and easier to apply. Neither drag on the skin.  The Avon is a great glossy deep black. Very easy to apply but you do find it transfer's to the top of your lid towards the end of the day. Maybelline and Topshop look the same when applied but the Topshop liner is softer and just a touch easier to apply. I love the elf liquid liner, it has a lovely glossy finish and lasts well through the day.

I decided to scrub off the swatches on my hand with a dry tissue to which one survived!

eyeliner review

As you can see Avon was the clear winner with Topshop second and elf coming in third. Essential Care and Maybelline did not do well at all! Overall Maybelline was my most used liner but since buying Topshop's version recently it hasn't had a look in. I tend to pick up the Avon or Inika when I am short for time as they don't take too much effort to apply and the elf when I want a finer line. 

What's your favourite black eyeliner?

I would like to credit Sophie of Punky Pugs for the title of this post. I was struggling and put a shout out on Twitter and  she came up trumps! 


  1. Ooh great overview! I've heard so much about the topshop liner! I use the maybelline myself but when that (and the back up) finishes I'll take a look at topshop x

  2. I love the Avon liner - it lasts all day x

  3. The Topshop & ELF ones are the best by far. I am using Rimmel & L'oreal atm - but I am always on the look for great new black liners.

  4. my personal fav is from clinique.topshop and elf ones look the best!

  5. Hello Sam! I'm dropping by to say hello! I just followed your blog too! I'm currently using Neve Cosmetics Eye Liner, which is organic and the only eyeliner that doesn't sting my eyes or make me cry! Hurray! These eyeliners look amazing though. As much as I love eyeliners, I suck at applying them LOL. I always end up with a little or looking like a panda hahah

    xx Donah @ Sweetjellybean.com


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